Senior Care

Elderly Elite Revitalization Program

Aging can present a new set of challenges for older adults, their families and friends. Changes in their physical condition, the passing of a loved one, loss of financial independence, and other lifestyle changes can tarnish what many expect to be their “golden years.”

Alliance Hospital’s Elderly Elite Revitalization Program’s (EERP) focus is the “whole person.” Our treatment team provides individualized care based upon the social, psychological, and holistic need of each patient.

EERP is specifically designed for elderly persons who are experiencing emotional and behavioral changes associated with aging. Caregiver’s support is provided to families who are overwhelmed in the care taking of their loved ones.

Treating the “whole person” includes experiencing an afternoon in a “new beginning.” You can have your hair gently washed and conditioned and if it is time for a shave, we are here to provide you with all types of personal hygiene. We refer to this as the Alliance Experience, which is unique and vastly different from any other hospital located in Mississippi.

Our aim and goal is to rejuvenate each patient and anticipate your every need during your hospital stay.

Our team of health professionals, led by Dr. Otis Anderson, provide an individualized treatment plan using a combination of therapies to treat one or more of the following disorders:

• Alzheimer’s & Dementia
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Forgetfulness and Confusion
• Unresolved Grief
• Combative Behavior
• Delusions
• Hallucinations
• Abrupt Change in Sleep Pattern
• Inability to Concentrate
• Thoughts of Death & Suicide
• Loss of Interest or Energy
• Social Withdrawal
• Poor Appetite or Overeating
• Weight Loss or Weight Gain
• Medication Compliance
• Evaluating Polypharmacy Continuing of Care Plan
• Caregivers Fatigue

We believe it’s our duty to serve each patient and customer with dignity and respect. Our belief system is rooted in compassionate care for all. We provide a professional team of healthcare providers that focus on the entire family. In these challenging moments, it is important that you know Alliance HealthCare System remains your first option to assist you in making the best decisions for you, your family, and friends.

To schedule a consultation, call 662-551-3442. You do not have to be medical provider to make a referral. Our staff will make a home visit of the potential patient to provide an assessment to determine eligibility.

Transportation is always available for inpatient services and for residents living within a 15-mile radius of the hospital or clinic. Alliance Hospital’s (EERP) is recognized as a resource center for Alzheimer’s disease. As an advocate in the fight against Alzheimer’s, we host the Resource Center and an annual Memory Walk.

Alliance HealthCare System has served Marshall and Benton Counties the surrounding communities for over two decades. Dr. Kenneth Williams and Dr. Gregory Stallworth, along with our keen staff members, are dedicated to delivering the highest quality of medical care. Our EERP is the most innovative and comprehensive program in Northern Mississippi.

Each staff member was selected by their experience, dedication, and compassion for the elderly. Caring for the elderly is truly their passion.